IBO 2.0 - Return of the Iterating Business Object. Now on RIAForge!

The Iterating Business Object is the basis of almost everything I do in ColdFusion. The ability to load a recordset (or one or more structs or lists) into a single object and then to get all of the benefits of rich encapsulated getters and setters without any of the downsides just gets better and better the more you use it.

My IBO had gotten a little overstuffed with tangential concerns, but as part of a rewrite of my framework I've cut it down to its core concerns while making some improvements to its functionality (adding class properties) and I have decided to release it as a project on RIAForge - ibo.riaforge.org . . .


Puc Covelli's Gravatar Hi Peter, Just wondering how we download this from RiaForge. There appears to be no download link!!
# Posted By Puc Covelli | 6/26/07 9:58 AM
Peter Bell's Gravatar Sorry about that - got a little clean up to do. Will try to get it in tonight!
# Posted By Peter Bell | 6/27/07 9:59 AM
Nick Tong's Gravatar Hey Peter, any idea when you will be releasing the update for this that you mentioned at cfunited europe?
# Posted By Nick Tong | 3/21/08 8:59 AM
Peter Bell's Gravatar Hi Mick,

Good question. I went from CF UNited straight into another big conference. Just got out of that, let me see if I can get this sorted out early next week. Will get it out just as soon as possible, but a little behind on paying proects after two weeks of conferences :-<

Great to see you again!
# Posted By Peter Bell | 3/21/08 9:39 AM
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